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Local Veterans Organizing Hurricane Relief

Local Veterans Organizing Hurricane Relief
August 31
09:18 2021

Wide spread power outages, catastrophic flooding and unknown damage are just a few problems residents of Louisiana are facing after a category 4 hurricane barreled into the coast over the weekend. Knowing so much relief will be needed, Mineral Wells American Veterans Post 133 have organized a community drive to gather much needed supplies.

“As many of you know, Hurricane Ida recently hit New Orleans and the surrounding communities. She has left massive devastation in her path. Some say it’s worse than Katrina back in 2005. Many towns have been completely leveled, and many families are without homes,” read the American Veteran Post 133 social media page.

They are asking for the community’s help to fill up a trailer full of supplies that will be delivered to Louisiana so it can be distributed to those in need.

Today, August 31, AMVET 133 Post Commander Len Wood, and Vice Commander James Taylor will be in the Wal-Mart parking lot to accept donations. People wanting to donate should look for a 2019 Burgundy Dodge Ram, with the AMVETS logo on the side. There will also be a big red truck next to it, flying the American flag.

Local Veteran’s Organize Hurricane Relief Drop Off

“We are asking for donations of any kind, to help those affected by the hurricane. Non-Perishable food items, clothes, toiletries, toys for kids, blankets and pillows. Monetary donations are also accepted which will be used to buy as many products as possible to donate. Every penny goes to the cause,” the social media post read.

“A trucker friend of the Post has offered his semi-trailer to fill with donations. From here, he has graciously offered to drive the donations to Springfield, Louisiana, to our brother/sister AMVETS Post there. All items will be dispersed where needed, at that point. The AMVETS Post in Springfield has been used as a FEMA site in past disasters, so we are in good hands.”

AMVET Post 133 acknowledged the strained financial situation many locals are facing, but hopes they can still get some relief for Louisiana. “We realize times are tough for a lot of people right now, but we know the community can come together and fill the trailer to help those affected by the disaster. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Len Wood at (940) 445-2551 or James Taylor, at (940) 927-0531.”

Citizen Mike Day hands James Taylor a cash donation to help Hurricane Ida victims

Donations are being accepted through September 6. They will be there for the next 5 days (or until the trailer is filled) from 8 a.m-5p.m to accept donations.