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City Council Approves Agreement Between the Baker Hotel and the City of Mineral Wells

City Council Approves Agreement Between the Baker Hotel and the City of Mineral Wells
June 12
00:25 2021
Two important meetings happened in Mineral Wells tonight. The first was a joint meeting between the City Council, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #2 (TIRZ) Board, and Economic Development Corporation Board (EDC). Both the TIRZ and EDC boards unanimously approved the Economic Development Agreement between the Baker Hotel and the City of Mineral Wells. After receiving their recommendation the City Council unanimously approved the agreement also.
From Mayor Wallace’s City Council Meeting Report
“I will make a few brief points here, but be looking for a video in the next few days where the EDC Director David Hawes, City Manager Randy Criswell and I will go through the document and the details to fully inform the citizens of all aspects of the contract. Thank you to David Hawes and his team as well as City Manager Randy Criswell for the hours of communication and attention to detail spent working through this contract. The execution of this agreement is the contract that extended from the MOU previously signed. It was a historic evening as this agreement solidifies the relationship moving forward between the Baker Hotel Development Group and the City of Mineral Wells.
The TIRZ, EDC, and Council are all confident in this agreement. It is a performance based agreement and I look forward to sharing the full contract and details. It was an honor to sign the document in the shadow of the Baker. The meetings were held at the old United States Post Office / Women’s Club to accommodate the many board members present this evening for the joint meeting. Thank you to the many individuals that were involved in the execution of this agreement.”
Regular Meeting Mayor Recap June 1, 2021
  • The regularly scheduled city council meeting followed the special joint meeting.
  • Approved the sale of Quint 2 to PK Lake VFD. As advertised sealed bids were opened and the minimum bid of $75,000 was met for the purchase.
  • Approved the execution of the finance agreement for the purchase of the new 2019 Rosenbauer Viper Ladder Truck with Commander Cab. City Council had previously authorized the pursuit of this truck and financing of it. This action agenda item was to approve the finance agreement presented. Local bank First Financial Bank & Trust will be financing this truck for the city. Chief Ryan Dunn took a moment to detail the features this truck has- including the ability to reach some of our taller buildings that are unusual for a city our size. The truck is 20 years newer than the old one, so with that comes all the technology advancements that have been made.
  • Invoice for payment to the SCADA system replacement was approved. This system is part of our overall water infrastructure. Summer 2020 council approved upgrading this system. This system is integral in monitoring our water system, including tank levels, etc. This project is almost 100% complete.
  • Invoices were approved for professional services regarding water improvements both in the downtown area and the 180 West Water line bond project- a part of the 2018 GO Bonds. The water line projects downtown are not ready for bid at this time.However, when ready, it is likely some inferior water lines will be abandoned and new, sufficient water lines replaced in more accessible locations (not under sidewalks for example where some existing ones are). The details of that are a ways out. The 180 GO Bond project waterline should be ready to bid later this summer.
  • Following executive session a motion was made and passed to approve Kim Houston and Allyn Perigin to fill vacancies on the Planning & Zoning Commission, Joel Crawford to fill an alternate position on the Board of Adjustments, and David May to fill an unexpired term on the EDC Board.
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