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Palo Pinto County: Deer Hunting’s Hidden Gem

Palo Pinto County: Deer Hunting’s Hidden Gem
November 05
08:54 2021

Colt Dorr remembers his first hunt like it was yesterday. He was five years old and he, his brother Zeke, his father and his father’s friend Mr. Raspberry were hunting a property in Pontotoc, Texas. 

​“We drove out to the blind that morning in an old 2 seater-jeep. My brother and I sat in the back, our teeth chattering the whole way.” Colt sat in a blind with Mr. Raspberry and, as morning broke, was instructed to shoot a spike to the right of the feeder. 

​“Just aim those crosshairs right on his shoulder and pull the trigger,” said Mr. Raspberry. 

​“I put that gun up on my shoulder and I dropped him,” recalls Dorr. 

​“I think you missed him,” said Mr. Raspberry. 

​“No I hit him, I shot that one to the right of the tree,” Colt said.

​“I said to shoot the one to the right of the feeder,” responded Raspberry. “I think you shot a baby!”

​Young Colt shot two more does that weekend (mature ones) and so began a lifelong obsession with hunting, conservation, and the great outdoors. In 2016, he started Cut-Em Outfitters, a guiding business primarily focused on duck hunting. 

“I saw that we had a lot of ducks in the area and that there was a gap in the market. I saw an opportunity to meet new people, swap stories, and make a little money.”

Among his many blessings, he counts life here in Palo Pinto County as one.

Colt Dorr with His Daughter & her 1st Deer

​“We live in a hidden gem. I’ve got pictures of a 185-inch double drop tine white tail on a low fence ranch here in Palo Pinto. We can accommodate some of the best Sandhill Crane, Geese, and Duck hunting in the state; you don’t know where or when it’s going to happen, it just seems to fall in your lap. We’ve got a little hidden oasis.”

​Dorr credits agriculture and varied topography with the excellent hunting opportunities in Palo Pinto. Wheat cultivation near Graford, thick stands of oak and cedar trees, and of course, the ever-present Brazos River all contribute to excellent wildlife production in the county. To make the most of these hunting opportunities, Mr. Dorr suggests that hunters spend time outside of the field to build their knowledge base.

​“Watch the weather channel for pressure changes and fronts, anytime deer are out and about is when you want to be in that blind. Invest time into becoming knowledgable about proper aging and scoring of deer. Also, talk to your local game warden… Those guys are happy to help.”

​Dorr further emphasizes that hunters institute a wildlife management program to maintain their deer populations. 

“Spend some time in the blind without a gun to learn your herd and decide what you want to harvest next year. People care about conservation in the county and are interested in hunting and taking care of our animals and I love that about Palo Pinto.”

​Recently, Dorr has rebranded his business as G93 Outdoors LLC. G93 is in reference to Genesis 9:3 which reads “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything.” This verse represents Dorr’s vision as not only a guide, but an educator and minister. 

​“Go out and enjoy what the good lord has given us. Take care of it, appreciate it,and respect it. That way for generations to come it can be used the same way that we’re using it now.”

​Last week things came full circle for Colt and his family. 

​“ The day before yesterday my daughter shot her very first deer. She hasn’t shot anything before other than a bird in the back yard. We went out and we practiced hard and we talked about how to make an ethical shot.  It was 43 minutes from when that deer walked in until she squeezed the trigger because she couldn’t quit shaking. It was a huge blessing.”

Colt Dorr owns and operates G93 Outdoors LLC. 

Contact him at (940) 654-0164 for inquiries about guided hunting opportunities

Story By: Bob Kaspar/Special Contributor



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