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Mineral Wells Area News to Participate in NewsMatch Program

Mineral Wells Area News to Participate in NewsMatch Program
December 08
08:44 2021

In September, Mineral Wells Area News joined the Institute for NonProfit News(INN) to further our mission of bringing quality news stories to the community while operating on donations from our readers.  Just recently, the INN announced that MWAN would be able to participate in a very important program known as NewsMatch. More Info About NewsMatch

The two-month campaign powers a nonprofit news industry that has grown in size during the pandemic, proving itself an essential — and economically resilient — public service. A total of 302(including MWAN) digital newsrooms will participate in NewsMatch, up from 260 in 2020 and 195 in 2019 — a 55% increase since before the pandemic. All are members of INN, which vets them as independent, nonpartisan journalism organizations.

The program runs from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31 and newsrooms will conduct their own fundraising efforts as part of the campaign. NewsMatch has a multiplier effect: nonprofit newsrooms not only strengthen their core skills raising funds from individual donors, but also help attract additional matching funds from businesses, place-based foundations and issue-based donors.

“Communities across the nation are challenged with issues brought on by a lack of quality, reliable news — but the nonprofit news movement is changing that. Nonprofit newsrooms are fulfilling their public-service mission of bringing critical information and insights to communities,” said Sue Cross, INN executive director. “By supporting NewsMatch, funders have an easy, one-stop way to advance trusted, reliable news that strengthens communities, and ultimately strengthens democracy from the local level on up.”

What does that mean for Mineral Wells Area News? It means we can raise the entire budget needed to completely cover the city and county news for all of 2022 for half of the amount because every dollar donated these next two months will be matched by a grant provided through NewsMatch. We need to hire a full time reporter. Will you help us? This is an extraordinary time to consider a donation to Mineral Wells Area News as the impact will go twice as far.

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