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City Officials Say New Trash Service is a Good Deal Despite Price Hikes

City Officials Say New Trash Service is a Good Deal Despite Price Hikes
January 21
20:36 2022

By Ann Powers-Staff Reporter

When you get your trash bill next month, you’ll also receive a flyer on fee increases, additional services, pickup schedules and more as Mineral Wells moves forward on an exclusive contract with Frontier Waste Solutions beginning March 1.

Residents can expect a 45% boost on their bill, from $13.80 to $20, for twice-weekly trash pickup when Frontier takes over from the current provider, Waste Connections, according to City documents. Commercial price hikes vary depending on front load size, service frequency and extra lifts. 

Mineral Wells Finance Director Jason Breisch updates City Council on transition plans when Frontier Waste Solutions takes over from Waste Connections in March. Photo by Ann Powers

Mineral Wells Finance Director Jason Breisch gave City Council members a draft flyer during their Jan. 18 meeting to review before the February bills are mailed. The literature will be available in English and Spanish once approved. 

Frontier officials are currently contacting business customers in person to facilitate a seamless transition when the new $23 million contract goes into effect. There is also a brochure being distributed focusing on the commercial community.  

“People are going to be concerned about the price and that’s understandable,” Breisch said in an interview with Mineral Wells Area News following the council meeting.

Changes reflecting the rate bumps include switching from residential bag to cart service (trash bags will now be left inside curbside carts), new residential and commercial equipment, improved customer service and general inflation rates since the current pricing was set in 2017.Breisch emphasized that the price increases are well worth it and will make for a cleaner community.

“We have had phone call after phone call, after email after email about the service, or lack thereof, relating to our current provider,” he said. “So, that’s number one – is service. And, number two, we want a clean city and carts are going to clean the city up. We want a clean city and we want impeccable service.” 

Frontier won the contract following the recommendation of a City committee working with an Austin-based consulting firm, Solid Waste Specialist. Frontier beat out Waste Connections with a majority of points awarded by the committee. 

During the Jan. 18 City Council meeting, Councilman Carlos Maldonado expressed concern about possible service interruptions and potential overcharges during the transition. He explained when commercial customers using roll-off dumpsters enter trash removal contracts, they pay up front for container delivery and pickup up. When the roll-offs are full, they contact the provider to retrieve them.

Mineral Wells City Council members review information regarding the new contract with Frontier Waste Solutions starting March 1. Photo By Ann Powers

Roll-offs are the large containers often found at construction sites. If those dumpsters are only partially filled during the Frontier/Waste Connections equipment swap, and the commercial customer needs more time to fill them, Maldonado feared they would pay twice for the service if containers were replaced with new dumpsters too soon.

“I just didn’t want services to be interrupted and local citizens and contractors paying double for a service they already paid for and are not done with under a current contract,” he said in a phone interview with the Mineral Wells Area News. 

Following the meeting, Frontier’s Korey Medart said the company will honor existing contracts and roll-offs will not be pulled until requested by customers. Frontier will begin delivering other containers starting Feb. 14. 

Officials recognize some employees with the Waste Connections may lose their jobs when Frontier steps in. Medart said the company is hiring and job opportunities are posted on its website and Facebook page.

She also noted Frontier is updating its app so Mineral Wells customers can learn more about trash services and pay bills. She said clients with questions can also email her at kmedart@frontierwaste.com.

“We are very excited to get our roots out there in the community in Mineral Wells,” Medart said. “We provide excellent customer service and we will give them the attention they deserve.” 

City Council members are currently working on scheduling three public town hall meetings focusing on the switch. In addition, Breisch said informational flyers will soon be available throughout Mineral Wells, as well as on the City’s website and Facebook page.

“We want to offer the public as much information as possible so there won’t be any questions come time for transition,” he said. “I want City personnel to be overly communicative and to get this out there to our constituents.” 

Customers can also contact City Hall at (940) 328-7700, call Public Works Director Scott McKennon at (940) 328-7777, or visit the City’s website to learn more.

Frontier Waste Solutions is currently delivering the above flyer to Mineral Wells commercial customers in preparation for the new trash service to take effect March 1.

The Service Comparison Rates between Waste Connections and the City’s new trash service provider, Frontier Waste Solutions.
The Service Comparison Rates between Waste Connections and the City’s new trash service provider, Frontier Waste Solutions.

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