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Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce, Small Town Startup partner to offer local small businesses and entrepreneurs valuable training, guidance and consultation

Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce, Small Town Startup partner to offer local small businesses and entrepreneurs valuable training, guidance and consultation
February 24
15:26 2022

MINERAL WELLS, Texas — The Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce is partnering with Small Town Startup to bring to Mineral Wells and the surrounding area opportunities to provide small businesses and startups valuable training, guidance and support so they can focus more on customer growth and service.

“We have dozens and dozens of new small businesses in Mineral Wells, and new ones are created almost weekly,” said Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. “I might know how to create my products, design my store or deliver my services, but beyond creating a Facebook page do I really know how to effectively market my products? More importantly, do I understand the many and often-complicated business regulations, required government filings and tax reports? Do I know how to properly track my income and expenses so that I fully understand my business? Probably not. We always need help. This is where Small Town Startup can provide our small business owners and entrepreneurs the advice, knowledge and support they need.”

Based in Springfield, Tenn., Small Town Startup is offering a series of three virtual classes for just $25 each to the Mineral Wells area beginning in March. The sessions will take place live, and participants will have access to the classes online for 24 hours. The classes are available to both chamber and non-chamber members.

“I am thrilled to pursue this partnership with Mineral Wells as we explore how we can benefit the small business community there,” said Lisa DiVirgilio Arnold, Founder/CEO of Small Town Startup. “We can’t wait to meet small business owners and leaders through our virtual classes and help them get to the next level with their businesses. We are so grateful for the Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce’s support. Their enthusiasm and passion for small business growth in the area is very clear, and with Small Town Startup’s mission being to grow small businesses in small towns, we find this to be an ideal connection.”

Located about 30 minutes north of Nashville, Tenn., Small Town Startup has helped thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs become more proficient in their advertising and marketing, growing their brand, managing a small staff of employees, starting and launching a business online, pitching ideas to local investors, writing a business plan and helping navigate financial and business management.

Within their 7,000-square-foot office location in downtown Springfield, small business owners can access shared office space, meeting rooms, workshops and find support and knowledge sharing among their endeavoring peers. Small Town Startup even hosts pop-up sales events for their retail clients.

“Since 2018, we’ve taught nearly 3,000 small business owners and leaders in the middle Tennessee and lower Kentucky area through our programming, including children’s classes, too,” said Arnold. “Small Town Startup exists to grow small businesses in small towns. We do this by removing barriers that normally arise in typical smalltown environments. Ultimately, we help entrepreneurs dream bigger while living in small towns across the United States.”

Arnold leads a team of six associates who serve as consultants for their clients, creating programs and classes – both in person and virtual – to offer key small business and entrepreneurial training and guidance aimed at giving their clients:

∙ Gained confidence in their business, knowing they have a partner dedicated to helping them grow.

∙ Greater ability to take risks by gaining knowledge and knowing help is available when needed.

∙ Developing a deeper connection in the community, especially with influencers and organizations, and becoming less likely to let go of their dream because of their physical location.

May said he believes there are many small and home-based business owners in Mineral Wells and the surrounding areas who would benefit greatly from Small Town Startup’s platform of programs, tutorials and personal consultations.

“My hope is that this will be met with enough success that Small Town Startup will open a new business location in Mineral Wells and work in close partnership with the chamber to serve and support our small businesses,” said May. “Mineral Wells is exactly the size and type of market Small Town Startup is tailored to serve.”

The initial virtual class offerings, times and dates are (register up to one hour before the class begins):

■ Facebook Ads 101 Workshop

6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 15

Cost $25

Have you heard about how great Facebook advertising is, but haven’t been able to master it yourself?

After this workshop, you’ll be able to:

·      Determine when you should use Facebook ads for your business.

·      Be able to identify and create compelling ad copy and visuals that will make people want to click on your ads.

·      Understand how to find key demographics that will be the most likely to respond to your ads and become qualified leads.

·      Follow up with leads in ways that turn them into loyal, happy customers.

Register for this class at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/facebook-advertising-workshop-tickets-275681880927.

■ Google My Business: Get Found, Get Noticed

6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 24

Cost $25

Take your business to the next level by claiming your Google My Business profile and learning how to work Google in a way that gets you on top.

Explore paid advertising, reviews, Google posts, organic search and more. See what local and national companies are doing to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace by using Google, then take their tactics and apply it to your business.

Register for this class at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/google-my-business-workshop-get-found-get-noticed-tickets-275689804627

■ SEO 101

3 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Sunday, April 4

Cost $25

Are you taking advantage of people finding you through SEO? We’ll help you understand the basics of search engine optimization and help you plan effective content to help you better rank in searches and drive traffic to your website.

In this course, you’ll learn:

·    How to evolve your website’s optimization so more people can find what you sell.

·    How to rank higher on major search engines with your existing website, while adding new content to build awareness even more.

·    How to find keywords and phrases your competitors are using to get traffic online, and how you can use them to drive people to your website, too.

Register for this class at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/seo-101-unpacking-search-engine-optimization-for-your-business-tickets-275704358157

Whether you sign up for one or all three classes, Small Town Startup is offering to anyone a free copy of its “Small Business Guide for 2022.” Download it at https://www.stsorbit.com/free-tools-small-business.

For more information about Small Town Startup, go to https://www.smalltownstartup.com/.

Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce, Small Town Startup partner to offer local small businesses and entrepreneurs valuable training, guidance and consultation - overview

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