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Local Democratic Chair Pens Column

Local Democratic Chair Pens Column
September 13
10:21 2022
The following is a column presented to Mineral Wells Area News by the local Democratic Party. These are not the words and opinions of MWAN. We gladly provide a platform for ALL political parties to publish THEIR ideas and thoughts. All columns for consideration should be emailed to the editor/publisher at asb@mwareanews.com

By Carla Schoonover Porter

I proudly serve Palo Pinto County as the Chair of the Democratic Party. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share with you who I am and why I do what I do.

I have called the town of Palo Pinto my home for more than 50 years, my roots run deep here in Palo Pinto County, my family settled in the town of Palo Pinto in 1875. I graduated from Gordon ISD in 1985 and I work in Human Resource Management in the Healthcare Industry.

To say I love my hometown and my neighbors is an understatement. I have an enormous amount of pride in our home town, our community, our past, present, and our future. I am very proud to have raised my children as a resident of Palo Pinto County. Mineral Wells is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

I do what I do, because like you I want to leave my children and grandchildren with a world better than I found it. We all want to create a community that is a better place to raise our children, run our businesses, and forge a future filled with unlimited possibilities for EVERYONE.

As Democrats we are good neighbors, we are your friends, we volunteer at homeless shelters, provide food for the needy, donate to non-profit organizations, we are your children’s Teachers, we are your Nurses, your Doctors, City Council Members, Church Members, we work side by side with you every day in every organization in this community. We have the same
goals and desires that you do, we want to have a safe, happy, and healthy family. We want safe communities, good jobs, and to be treated fairly and with respect.

As Democrats we want to build up each other and support our common goals.

We believe in and support
• Our Troops and Our Veterans
• Military Families and a Strong Military
• Protecting and Expanding Social Security
• Protecting the rights of Women and Girls
• Ending Violence Against Women
• Protecting Workers’ Rights
• Science, Research, Education, and Technology
• Supporting America’s Small Businesses
• Improving our Immigration System
• Guaranteeing Civil Rights for ALL
• Respecting Faith and Service
• Investing in Rural America
• Protecting Voting Rights
• Reducing Prescription Drug Costs
• Combating Drug and Alcohol Addiction
• Treating Mental Health
Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I have to believe that we have more in common that we would like to admit.

I call upon all of you as my neighbors to start thinking about our similarities more than our differences, to start working together to create a better community, and understand that our diversity can be our strength if only we will open our minds and our hearts to the idea that we are not enemies.

I am dedicated to making Palo Pinto County a place where everyone can organize, build and continue to grow a community that we can all be proud of. I invite you to join me in working toward building up our community, reaching across to find common ground so that together we can make a difference!

For more information about how you can make a difference please contact me at palopintodemocrats@gmail.com or visit our social media pages.