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Building Leveled, Makes Way for Another Allsups

Building Leveled, Makes Way for Another Allsups
September 15
13:47 2022
By Amy Bearden

If you follow much social media, you have read lots of discussion about what is taking place at the Sav-A-Lot building.

Or what once was a building.

If you have driven by, you would see that it’s no more. Check out the Facebook Video below from Stacy and Lori Blackburn.

Video from Staci and Lori Blackburn Facebook

So what is going on? As many people suggested on FB, it is indeed an Allsups. MWAN spoke with Economic Development Director David Hawes and confirmed it is not the Yes Way Store some, including our own reporting, suggested.

We can confirm it is an Allsup’s Convenience Store and will include fueling pumps. Allsups has opened three other stores in the community and is rumored to be building more. The building has seen several businesses come and go over the years and truly was deteriorated.

Asbestos was found in the process of inspection and had to be abated.

A family of bats was also discovered inside the building and plans were made with our local bat expert, The Bat Sanctuary, to remove them from the building. Just before the exclusion(that’s bat lingo for relocating them) the bats found an exit strategy and left the building.

“The owner did complete the exclusion steps as we advised just in case, but the way it timed out, the bats actually migrated out by themselves right before the one way exit was installed. Thankfully it wasn’t a huge colony, so the process was fairly simple in this case. We suspect they flew out and joined one of the larger colonies in town, in preparation of migrating to Mexico for the winter,” said Jessica Anderson, Bat World Sanctuary Director.

Bats had taken residence in the building and had to be relocated
Bat World Sanctuary consulted with the business owner to safely remove bats