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Paul Harvey Revisted

Paul Harvey Revisted
September 18
11:45 2022

By Amy Bearden

Growing up outside of the city, each morning my dad and I made a daily trek along Highway 180 West into town as he would drop me at school for my lessons.

I probably never appreciated that time in his pickup truck as much as I should, but as life experiences begin to add up, the nostalgia sometimes hits you and reflecting is therapeutic and cathartic…

Our routine was pretty simple and consistent but despite any variations, there was one constant in those daily drives, the radio.

The radio was always on, and as I would dine on my chocolate frosted doughnuts and Dr. Pepper, that velvety, familiar voice on the radio would captivate me for three or four minutes, teaching me interesting bits of history.

Revisiting Paul Harvey on the Radio

I LOVED the stories Paul Harvey would share and now, as I drive my kids to school each day, refusing to listen to modern day radio because I’m often appalled, I can’t help but think how I would love to listen to those stories with them.

After all, listening to the questionable content currently broadcast across the morning airways, Harvey would be a welcome change for this mom trying as long as possible to avoid unnecessary and inappropriate conversations with younger children.

(I mean there is a time and place for ALL conversations, but 7am driving to the elementary schools as we just begin to get brain waves moving is not the time. Not for this mom.)

I dug in and begin looking for wholesome stories to listen too, and to my surprise, modern day media allows for us to revisit Harvey’s stories.

Beginning on Sunday’s, I will share a podcast or YouTube clip of these quick informative stories for your enjoyment.

Sunday Stories: Revisiting Paul Harvey

The first story I’ll share is about an avid golfer who gives us a lesson in persistence and humility. It comes from a podcast called The Rest of the Story:Revisited.

Click to Listen to Paul Harvey Story about the Worst Avid Golfer or read the entire story in Golf Digest about Agnelo Spagnolo who became known as the “Worst Avid Golfer”.

As a woman who has had to keep putting her way through life, and refusing to give up, despite the circumstances, this story resonated with me. Never give up!

As said by National Public Radio “Harvey was a master at connecting yesterday to the present and to tomorrow — he was an early proponent of drawing insight from the past in order to do better in the future.” Click Here For Information about Paul Harvey and His Legacy

Amy Bearden is the Publisher/Editor of Mineral Wells Area News who loves celebrating her favorite town by telling the stories of the people in the community. She has a passion for local sports, news and business development. She spent 10 years marketing a professional sports team and is now focused on growing the cultural wellness and creative arts space throughout the area. Amy has four kids, two dogs and a garden she cherishes, along with her yoga mat.

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