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PK Water Supply Treatment Plant Down; Stage 3 Restrictions Implemented

PK Water Supply Treatment Plant Down; Stage 3 Restrictions Implemented
September 19
08:51 2022

By Amy Bearden

The Possum Kingdom Water Supply Corporation is experiencing an outage at the water treatment plant. According to a post the water company made on social media, “technicians and crews are working to resolve the issue and get the water treatments plant back online quickly as possible.”

Stage 3 Water Restrictions have been implemented due to the water treatment equipment being inoperable at this time. PKWSC is asking residents to conserve water as there is no time frame established for repair according to administration who answered the phone when MWAN called.

The Following are Water Use Restrictions for Stage 3:

1. All yard watering is prohibited. Please turn your irrigation systems off.

2. Restaurants will serve water to customers only on request.

3. Washing of residential, commercial, public or industrial driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, windows or structures is prohibited.

4. Filling of private, commercial, or public swimming pools is prohibited.

5. Residential washing of vehicles is prohibited.

6. All vehicle wash stations are closed.

7. Use of bulk loading stations is prohibited.

8. Use of ornamental fountains is prohibited.

9. Use of drinking water fountains is prohibited. (Does not apply to bottled water type fountains)

The goal for water use reduction is to limit total water use by all system users to less than 0.85 million gallons per day.

As soon as we have additional information, we will update this post. We will notify through this post and on our webpage latest news once the restriction is lifted. Thank you all for your help and support during this time.

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