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Friday Farmer Feature

Stina Stow

Friday Farmer Feature
September 30
15:08 2022

Garden Givers

Images and Story By Stina Stow

Meet James & Sue Blaylock

This week I met James and Sue during their weekly watering time at the Community Garden. James watered the Sponsorship beds and Sue trapesed back and forth from some of the smaller potted plants around the property, meeting James to refill her watering can.

Filling Water Cans at Let’s Grow Crazy

At each visit they tease the other about how slow or ornery the other is being over laughs and sweet looks. They truly just enjoy each other and after 53 years together, they have a special love language of their own.

While looking up from under his wide brimmed hat, James reminded me, “A lot of people don’t know, you have to get the soil soaked, not just wet on top. It’s important to take your time.”

Watering the garden bed is not the only thing they spend their time doing, they have quite the operation in their own garden, with working compost piles, a worm farm, a garden, animals, and enough work to go around.

James and Sue spend their free time reviewing many of the local restaurants, documenting their meals and experiences for their friends to see and enjoy.

At every Farmer’s Market, you will see them walking to each booth, taking photos of each vendor and what they offer, asking questions and visiting their friends.

They are the first ones to sign up for our monthly Workday, they are passionate about local food and growers, and are loud about their support. When they buy, they don’t only purchase, they review and post online as well.

The number one thing that is understood among small businesses is consistency and recommendations goes so far. They know this fact to be true, and day in and day out they work hard to let everyone know that they got their food locally.

Our sweet friends make the time to attend every educational event Lets Grow Crazy puts on to learn and share their wisdom.In featuring our volunteers (Garden Givers) they had to be first on the list, because we are first on theirs. Thank you so much James and Sue for what you do!

Let’s Grow Crazy Community Garden is always looking for volunteers (Garden Givers) to add to the crew, so email us at letsgrowcrazymw@gmail.com if you would like to be added to our list.

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