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October 09
17:46 2022


In my relatively short time living in Mineral Wells I have found it odd to see such a vocal community abandon the one place they should be speaking the loudest.

I do not want to look at my children and leave them with a world where I only complained on Facebook but never went where my opinion actually counted. Early this year, I resolved to be at every City Council Meeting that I could. With the exception of one meeting, I have stayed true to my determination.

What I have witnessed in the chamber of City Council is vastly different from the vitriol I see spewed on the internet.

What I have found is a vacuum.

A vacuum of community engagement. A total lack of citizens showing up, voicing their concerns and holding their government and elected officials feet to the fire. Maybe I’m late to the party, but I believe that the City wants more input from citizens.

What I have experienced, simply by showing up, is that doors have been opened and opportunities presented. I have been invited into rooms that I never imagined being invited to. I have had my voice heard. But one voice is not enough to make a change in a city of almost 15,000 people.

What we need is your voice.

Our communities will continue to be guided by the vocal minority until the silent majority are no longer silent. Are you tired of rising taxes? Voice those concerns; propose solutions. Are you upset about the direction of our schools? When’s the last time you showed up to an ISD Board Meeting?
Abraham Lincoln said that our government is “of the people, by the people, for the people.”
We must understand that government can never be “for” the people unless we affirm that it is “of” and “by” the people.

You are the people.

Help me resolve that our City Council will never make another decision without the presence and voice of the citizens guiding their decisions. Help me resolve that another budget and tax ordinance won’t pass in a room void of citizens.

Help me resolve that our elected officials have to comb through emails of citizen input on agenda items.

When citizens raise their voice, through communication and vote, the voice of the special interest gets drowned out. When our voice is loud and strong our representatives can easily distinguish the voice of the community vs the voice of greed.

You are the power

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