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Local Star Adds Another CMA to Trophy Case

Local Star Adds Another CMA to Trophy Case
November 12
14:13 2022

By Amy Bearden

Some people in the Mineral Wells community have been watching Shane McAnally, a 1993 MWHS graduate, shine for decades and never ever doubted he would achieve the amount of success he is experiencing today.

Mineral Wells Native Shane McAnally Keeps Stacking Up Trophies

No stranger to the Country Music Awards, which recently televised live on ABC, McAnally was nominated in five different categories including Song of the Year, Single of the Year and Album of the Year. He won a CMA trophy for Musical Event of the Year with Carly Pierce and Ashley McBryde prior to the televised show.

Shane McAnally’s CMA Award for Musical Event of the year was handed to the winners prior to the live telecast.

McAnally is the most nominated songwriter in CMA history and currently has written 48 singles that have reached #1 on the music charts and he grew up right here in Mineral Wells. No matter how big his name becomes, or how bright the lights may shine, McAnally loves coming back home.

Recently he told Joban Panicker of WFAA Channel 8, “[Mineral Wells], to me, is the perfectly imperfect small Texas town,” McAnally said. “I still drive into that town and still feel 17.”

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Mineral Wells Area News caught up with McAnally after his most recent CMA win and asked him what it felt like waking up a winner, again?

“Well, since they gave the award out early…I felt really relaxed going into the show. I woke up this morning just really grateful that I get to do this for a living and the awards are really just like frosting,”said McAnally.

“I love trophies, though. So there’s always room for another one!”

He’s definitely going to need more space for the trophies!

Shane McAnally has written 48 #1 Singles. This is his trophy wall of #1 Hits inside his Nashville home.
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McAnally is currently on a bit of a hiatus from his career as he is in the midst of an around the world vacation/excursion with his husband Michael McAnally-Baum and their two children, 10-year-old twins, Dylan and Dash. It is certainly a much deserved hiatus.

Shane McAnally, Husband Michael Baum and children Dash and Dylan in Paris, France on their around the world adventure. Photo from Instagram

Hiatus might be the wrong choice of word however, as it seems Shane McAnally never stops moving or collaborating. Have you seen his latest project with Kelly Clarkson and Dolly Parton that is a remake of the classic song 9 to 5. It’s a must see.

Lately Shane has been spending time in Salt Lake City where a musical production he co-wrote the music and lyrics for with Songwriter Brandy Clark debuted at The Pioneer Theater in late October and runs through November 12. The show is called Shucked and is being prepared for a Broadway run next Spring.

McAnally makes his home base in Nashville, Tennessee but spends a lot of time on the West Coast in Los Angeles where he filmed and starred in the hit NBC-TV show Songland.

Shane McAnally Co-Wrote the Music and Lyrics for a New Musical Comedy Called Shucked That Will Debut on Broadway in the Spring

Now it sounds like he will be spending some time on the East Coast next year as Shucked readys to move to a big Broadway stage in New York City.

But in the meantime, and before the Big Apple debut, he’s readying his suitcase to recommence his family’s world tour vacation. They started their trip in Ireland last July and traveled throughout Europe for 100 days before the trip was paused for the Opening of Shucked as well as the CMA Awards Show.

Humble Roots

No matter how far McAnally travels or how many awards he wins, he always seems to stay close to his small-town roots. Whether it’s making the annual trip with his childhood classmates, exposing his kids to his hometown community, investing in the revitalization of The Crazy Water Hotel or serving as Grand Marshall in the Merry Wells Christmas Parade, Mineral Wells is never too far from Shane’s heart.

McAnally’s children and friends Trunk or Treating in Mineral Wells

His twins recently experienced their dad’s old stomping grounds around Halloween with family and friends. Dash and Dylan spent time with their grandmother Margaret Terry, who still resides in Mineral Wells. They attended Trunk-or-Treat at Palo Pinto County Cowboy Church before heading back to Nashville to join Dad for the CMA’s.

Dylan attended the award show with dad and dazzled on the red carpet at the CMA’s in a stunning floor length black gown. Proudly her dad said to his Instagram followers, “She definitely stole the show for me.”

Shane McAnally and his Daughter Dylan Posing at the Country Music Awards

The newest trophy will probably have to find a spot in the trophy case fast as the McAnally-Baum’s will quickly commence their worldwide family vacation in mid-November.

Next stop Egypt, Morocco and Africa.

The only thing that might interrupt the next leg of their world-wide trip is another big awards show in February.

Grammy Nominations are announced on November 15 and with the incredible year McAnally has experienced, another Grammy nomination would be just more “frosting” on the cake.

Good Luck And Safe Travels to Shane McAnally and his family. We will always be his biggest fans and love seeing him shine. Be sure to Follow Shane’s Instagram so you don’t miss any of his life updates!!

Amy Bearden
Amy Bearden

Amy Bearden is the Publisher/Editor of Mineral Wells Area News and loves celebrating her favorite town by telling the stories of the people in the community. Amy has a passion for local sports, news and business development. She spent 10 years marketing a professional sports team and is now focused on growing the cultural wellness and creative arts space throughout the area. Amy has four kids, two dogs and a garden she cherishes, along with her yoga mat.

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