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Growing our gardens during a drought

Growing our gardens during a drought
April 11
13:24 2023

With the continuing drought and new outdoor watering restrictions, everyone who grows a garden is scrambling and trying to figure out what to do. Short of having a well, a large water catchment system or the skies opening up and gracing us with the rain we so desperately need, there are some things we can all do to conserve water while still growing the gardens we love. Here are a couple of ideas that don’t cost anything, but can save a lot of water.

Save the water that would normally run down your sink. As you are waiting for the hot water, put something to catch the water under the faucet. You can also place a plastic basin into the sink to wash dishes in instead of washing them in the sink directly. Then, use all that water to give your plants some much needed hydration.

Use the water from your shower or bath. We use quite a lot of water when we bathe. When you shower, just make sure the stopper is in place so the water doesn’t run down the drain. When you’re done, scoop the water out of the bath into a bucket & give it to your thirsty plants. (Castille soap is safe for use on plants.)

There are so many other ways to conserve water and still grow our food & flowers. Ask google for more ideas if these don’t tickle your pansies. Just a little shift in the way we go about our day can make a huge difference in the amount of water we use.

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