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Today It Was Muddin Bustin Not Mutton Bustin

Today It Was Muddin Bustin Not Mutton Bustin
May 13
09:56 2023

Parents braved the rain to get their favorite little cowboy or cowgirl a shot at a gold buckle in the Mutton Bustin contest at the Palo Pinto County Livestock Association’s 86th Annual Rodeo next week.

Today parents had to bring their kids out to the arena to qualify for next week’s nightly rodeo events, and maybe they should’ve changed the name to Muddin Bustin.

After several inches of rain fell over night in Mineral Wells, the arena was a bog of mud but the little ones didn’t seem to mind one bit.

The nightly Mutton Bustin event became so popular that organizers decided they needed a qualifying event in 2023 so no kid got turned away from riding a sheep this year.

Saturday morning parents endured the slow drizzle of rain as their children held on to the back of a sheep as long as they could before hitting the mud. Kids with the longest times without falling off will move to the nightly performance next week.

The top ten times from today will compete next Saturday night, with the next best times riding on Friday and Thursday nights. Each nightly winner at the Rodeo will win a belt buckle.

Hang on little buddy!!!

Oh and don’t forget the Rodeo Parade is today at 5:30pm and the Street Dance starts at 7pm with the Rowdy Decker Band in Poston’s Square.

Qualifiers Announced

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