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MWPD Credit Cowboys for Saving Cattle in Crash

MWPD Credit Cowboys for Saving Cattle in Crash
July 11
10:51 2023

Mineral Wells Police were called to an accident at Highway 281 S and Highway 379 just before 7pm that involved a cattle truck and a car. The following is a statement from their social media page.

A cattle truck seen laying on its side following an accident in Mineral Wells on July 10

“We would like to take a second to thank everyone that assisted with the overturned cattle trailer accident on 281 S. yesterday. While officers and Mineral Wells Fire & EMS did an excellent job as usual, for which we are always thankful, the most inspiring part was the 30 or so cowboys and girls (cowpersons?) that showed up to help within minutes. Most staying until 11 p.m. until the job was done.”

“These folks showed up just by word of mouth, and some simply stopped while driving by. Within 30 minutes, we had a whole crew ready to get after it with horses, cattle trailers, ropes, and straps. A welding rig pulled up and went to work, and eventually even a large John Deere tractor showed up. At one point, we had to turn people away who stopped to ask if we needed more help. I bet there were more cowboy hats, wranglers, and callused hands in that stretch of road than the rest of the county combined.”

“Unfortunately, some cattle were lost in the accident. But I guarantee it would’ve been much worse had these folks not come together and easily executed a difficult and highly physical task on a time crunch with no preparation. They communicated solely with a series of whistles, hand gestures, cowboy noises, and some hollerin’ and managed to work like a well-oiled machine. Luckily, I’m semi-conversational in Cowboy due to growing up around my Grandpa. And from my experiences with him, I knew my job responsibilities were grabbing water bottles, holding the flashlight still to avoid being griped at, and “learnin’ a thing or two.”

“Simply put, these were all good people who love to work hard and are always looking to help. They’re part of what makes Mineral Wells great. Sincerely, thank you for your assistance and even more so for being a reminder that most people are good people looking to do the right thing.”

Mineral Wells Police Department

The cause of the accident has not been released at this time.

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