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Former Constable To Run for Justice of the Peace

Former Constable To Run for Justice of the Peace
December 06
00:27 2021

Palo Pinto County has not seen a Democrat candidate successfully run for office in 10 years, but in 2022, former County Constable Luis Rodriguez hopes for that to change.

54-year-old Rodriguez announced he has filed his application to run for Justice of the Peace Precinct 5 and says his 16 years experience in law enforcement makes him the perfect candidate. He previously worked as a Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Deputy and then was elected County Constable from 2005-2009.

Luis Rodriguez volunteering at the Tarrant County Food Bank that serves Palo Pinto County

“I’ve been here my whole life. This is my town. I’ve lived in the same neighborhood for 18 years. I’ve raised my three kids here and I have three grandkids. I love this community,” said Rodriguez.

Democratic County Chairwoman Carla Porter is excited that Luis has decided to continue serving his community.

“He is going to be the one to show our community that Democrats are hard working and community minded. He wants to help our kids, teachers, and first responders,” she said. “He has common sense with issues that are important to rural Texas that include family values, gun ownership and building up and supporting our neighbors.”

Rodriguez told MWAN that if elected, he would like to work on programs for recruiting local minorities into law enforcement and focus on keeping them here.

“We currently are a training ground for officers who get the experience needed and then leave to a bigger community for more pay,” said Rodriguez. “I’d like to find a way to get more local people to become officers through a mentoring program.”

Rodriguez said that he would also be fully on board to support another bond issue to improve the facilities for first responders. “It’s important we upgrade our facilities. Very little has changed here in that regards since I was 5 years old.”

He also would like to work with local educators to help establish a plan to recruit local high school students, especially minority ones to come back and teach in Mineral Wells after they graduate. He also wants to find away to help paraprofessionals in the district to become certified as teachers by way of grants.

Check out our interview with Luis Rodriguez as he talks about his past experiences and what he thinks it will take to get him elected in 2022.

Story By Amy Sabbatini Bearden