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Just a few hours left to help with the Mineral Wells Area News fundraising campaign

Just a few hours left to help with the Mineral Wells Area News fundraising campaign
December 31
16:04 2021

There are just a few hours left in the fundraising campaign that will double all donations made to the Mineral Wells Area News.

Once again, the MWAN is participating in a fundraising drive called News Match, through which donations made to our community newspaper will be matched. That means if you donate $100, the MWAN will get $200.

In order to be included in the matching program, donations need to be made before midnight tonight, Friday, Dec. 31.

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We — Mineral Wells Area News Founder Christy Dorr and Publisher and Managing Editor Amy Bearden — chose to create MWAN as a non-profit so that we could provide the news for free and make it accessible to everyone in the community. Because we are a non-profit news organization, we rely not only on advertisements from local businesses but also on donations from our readers and others in order to keep providing the news.

“When we started this digital newspaper to provide reliable, non-partisan news to the community and surrounding areas, the viability of the platform was unknown. Our mission has been to provide accurate, high-quality, local journalism to the residents who are interested in the region. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of people living here by informing and educating through a sustainable source for news, entertainment and sports coverage,” Publisher Amy Bearden said. “Your support and encouragement has kept us working daily to make sure it succeeds. We can’t do any of that without the support of the community, and by that we mean all types of support, from advertising and donations to readership and encouragement.”

MWAN plans to hire a full time reporter this year and that will be possible with your support.

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