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Grow at Clark Gardens Kicks Off

Grow at Clark Gardens Kicks Off
March 07
22:44 2022

Mineral Wells Area News kicks off new column “Mineral Wellness” featuring news in the health and wellness space!

By Anna Widner – Special Contributor

Wellness is in bloom in the 76067, even if the flowers are still snoozing. Saturday March 5th marked the kick off of a month of wellness events and activities at Clark Gardens. Featured was guest speaker and former Mineral Wells area resident, Jane Baldwin.

Jane Baldwin spoke at about quieting the mind as the month of wellness kicked off at Clark Gardens

Baldwin, Life Coach and Founder of The Unwinding Compass, has dedicated over 20 years to the art of living well through yoga and breathwork. Baldwin took visitors on a journey to quiet mental chatter and unclutter the mind.

Baldwin suggests pausing as an easy way to remind us to focus more on savoring time as a way to slow the mind and reconnect with the body. She encourages people to reclaim words like linger, wait, and savor.
“Time savored is time invested, rather than time spent,” she told the crowd of about 20 in the chapel at Clark Gardens Saturday.

Baldwin believes that “sacred spiritual connection” is vital and credits hers with aiding her own healing. After a cancer diagnosis, the former Maya Archaeologist realized that the mind clutter can be a barrier to healing and wellness on all levels. She now describes herself as an archaeologist of the mind, and teaches others how to unwind the mind and come back to “our first home, the body.” She invited listeners to join her in breathing and visualization to “unfurl the heart, lungs, and ribs. Taking a moment to remember that no matter what we may be dealing with, we always have the support of the ground beneath our feet.”

Carol Montgomery, director of Clark Gardens sees this talk as just the beginning of a trend in Mineral Wells. “It is our intent that all of this makes us healthier and improves our wellness journey, just being in nature,” Montgomery explained. “Everything out here is about wellness,” she added about Clark Gardens. “If you come for a hike, a walk; if you come and prune rose bushes, you’re going to leave feeling better.”

Jane Baldwin and Carol Montgomery

Want more wellness? Head to Clark Gardens daily this week and through the month to experience what the community has to offer to inspire you to healthier version of yourself.

Don’t miss Yoga in the garden this Thursday March 10 at 10am or for a complete list of all activities visit https://www.clarkgardens.org or follow Clark Gardens on Facebook for more detailed event descriptions.
For more about speaker, Jane Baldwin, visit https://janeariebaldwin.com/ or get her newsletter here Newsletter Signup

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