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High Speed Chase Into County Ends Near PPGH, No Shooting Despite Social Media Rumors

High Speed Chase Into County Ends Near PPGH, No Shooting Despite Social Media Rumors
May 25
11:33 2022

Everyone knows that news will spread like wildfire on social media and often information is inaccurate and can cause spread fear. The rumors of a shooting at the hospital after a high speed chase through the county yesterday afternoon were indeed not factual. The facts were so erroneous that Palo Pinto General Hospital felt a need to make a social media post.

PPGH Facebook Post Dispels Rumors

Mineral Wells Area News reached to Palo Pinto County Sheriff Brett McGuire and received the following information concerning the situation.

Our agency assisted DPS and Eastland County units in a pursuit that came into our county from Eastland county. The pursuit went through the southwestern portion of the county and eventually ended up on eastbound Hwy. 180. As the pursuit entered Mineral Wells the suspect turned south on SW 25th, travelling around to the south side of PPGH. When he ran out of road he stopped and was taken into custody without incident.

Contrary to what was being bantered about on Facebook last evening…..there were no shots fired, the hospital was not involved and the Sheriff’s office did not go door-to-door warning folks of a shooting at PPGH.” -Bret McGuire

MWAN will follow up with Eastland County for more details.

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