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Palo Pinto County Election Officials Forced to Re-Count Ballots, Scheduled for June 21

Palo Pinto County Election Officials Forced to Re-Count Ballots, Scheduled for June 21
June 09
20:00 2022

When House District 60 candidate Mike Olcott found out many votes in the recent Primary Election in Parker County had not been properly counted due to “human error,” he asked for a re-count.

Olcott requested the recount after the vote count in Parker County increased by about 2,000 votes on the Wednesday after Election Day when it was discovered that, as a result of a human error, some votes were not tabulated on election night in that county. On election night, the original vote totals for all of District 60, which includes Stephens, Parker and Palo Pinto counties, showed Rogers had won by 752 votes; however, when the additional votes were tabulated in Parker County, Rogers’ lead dropped to a little more than 300 votes.

Incumbent Glenn Rogers narrowly lost in Parker County but took over 70% of the vote in Stephens and Palo Pinto County to re-claim his HD60 seat.

The re-count is being overseen by the Republican Party of Texas and requires every vote in all three counties of HD-60 to be recounted.

Stephens County officials have concluded their re-count and confirmed Rogers victory there with no change in the results.

“Despite erroneous claims, the hardworking people of House District 60 can have complete faith in the validity of their ballot,” Rogers continued. “I support any effort to increase faith in our elections process, and this recount has, so far, proven my confidence in our elections team to be well placed.”

For a complete story on the Stephens County re-count, check out this link from the Breckenridge Texan. Stephens County Re-Count Details

Press Release from Rep Glenn Rogers following Stephens County Re-Count

Parker County has their re-count scheduled for June 9 and then in Palo Pinto County on Tuesday June 21.

Mineral Wells Area News spoke with Parker County Republican Party Chairman Scott Utley who has over 20 years experience in Parker County elections. He says he’s not concerned about the outcome changing the results.

“I have no worries whatsoever. I have all the confidence in the world in the election process in Parker County.

At publication on June 9 at 6pm, the re-count in Parker County was not complete and officials said it would take another day.

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