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MW Moccasins Host Annual Swim Meet

MW Moccasins Host Annual Swim Meet
June 19
21:07 2022

Local aquatic athletes continue to show their skills while hosting the annual swim meet at the city pool over the weekend.

More than a hundred kids and their parents gathered on Saturday to participate in the meet held at West City Park in Mineral Wells which was organized by the Mineral Wells Moccasins.

The event began with a display of participants swimming the length of the pool holding small American flags while a young lady sang the national anthem.

Participants swam American flags across the pool simultaneously as the national anthem played
Opening ceremony flag parade

According to event organizers, the swim meet has been held every year since 1999 when the pool opened, but truly has been taking place much longer.

“I’m not sure the first year it started but I know when I was in school we hosted the meet out at the Base Pool,” said Wendy Boswell, who has been involved in the aquatics program in Mineral Wells for over 30 years.

The local swim team known as the Moccasins had a great meet with several swimmers taking home the top spot.

MW Swim Meet 6/18/22 Results

Boys 8 and Under 50 Yard Freestyle

Dru Herring 2nd place

Boys 9-10 (year old) 50 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Owen Harrison

4th place Gavin Nickell

Girls 13-14 (year old) 100 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Emery Boswell

3rd place Cara Tunnell


Girls 15-17 100 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Regan Ritthaler

Boys 15-17 100 Yard Freestyle

1st place Landen Richards

Girls 9-10 25 Yard Backstroke

4th place Joy Tunnell

Girls 13-14 50 Yard Backstroke

1st place Alex Ritthaler

Boys 15-17 50 Yard Backstroke

1st place Landen Richards

Boys 8 and under 25 Yard Breaststroke

4th place Nicholas Enriquez 

Girls 9-10 25 Yard Breaststroke

4th place Grace Rich

Boys 9-10 25 Yard Breaststroke

2nd place Owen Harrison

4th place Valchion Boyd

Girls 11-12 50 Yard Breaststroke

3rd place Kelsey Ritthaler

4th place Emmilyne Erwin

Boys 11-12 50 Yard Breaststroke

1st place Cash Leatherman

Boys 13-14 50 Yard Breaststroke

4th place Devin Crenshaw

Girls 15-17 50 Yard Breaststroke

2nd place Andi Herring

Boys 15-17 50 Yard Breaststroke

3rd place Adam Tunnell

4th place Korbin Nickell

Girls 18-24 50 Yard Breaststroke

1st place Tessa Robinson

Boys 8 and under 25 Yard Butterfly

1st place Dru Herring

Girls 11-12 50 Yard Butterfly

2nd place Samantha Robinson

3rd place Elizabeth Phillips

Boys 11-12 50 Yard Butterfly

2nd place Jacob Polston

Girls 13-14 50 Yard Butterfly

1st place Alex Ritthaler


Boys 13-14 50 Yard Butterfly

4th place Devin Crenshaw

Boys 15-17 50 Yard Butterfly

2nd place Landen Richards

4th place Korbin Nickell

Boys 8 and under 25 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Dru Herring

Girls 9-10 25 Yard Freestyle

3rd place Joy Tunnell

Boys 9-10 25 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Owen Harrison

3rd place Emerson Barham

4th place Gavin Nickell

Boys 11-12 50 Yard Freestyle

1st place Cash Leatherman

4th place Jacob Polston

Girls 13-14 50 Yard Freestyle

1st place Alex Ritthaler

3rd place Emery Boswell

Boys 15-17 50 Yard Freestyle

1st place Landen Richards

3rd place Brice Gordon

4th place Korbin Nickell

Girls 18-24 50 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Tessa Robinson

Boys 11-12 100 Yard IM (Individual Medley)

3rd place Jacob Polston

4th place Cash Leatherman

Girls 13-14 100 Yard IM

3rd place Cara Tunnell

4th place Rachel Robinson

Boys 13-14 100 Yard IM

2nd place Devin Crenshaw

Boys 15-17 100 Yard IM

2nd place Landen Richards

Girls 15-17 200 Yard Freestyle

2nd place Regan Ritthaler

(Special thanks to the swim team facilitator Mindy Robinson for putting together the meet results to share with the community.)

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