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Mineral Wells Mayor Gets Face Time with Congressman Pfluger

Mineral Wells Mayor Gets Face Time with Congressman Pfluger
October 06
10:58 2022

By Amy Bearden

Mayor Regan Johnson wears a lot of hats these days but none of them are as important as her “mom” hat and when she was recently invited to Washington DC to talk about Mineral Wells, she knew taking her son would give him a trip of a life time.

Congressman August Pfluger, who is the Representative for District 11 in Texas reached out to Johnson this past summer after one of the wildfires in the area broke out. He wanted to check in with the Mayor about the fires, and quickly a phone conversation led to an invite to DC for Johnson.

Johnson knew this was an opportunity she must let her son Colby, a Freshman at Mineral Wells High School, enjoy first hand with her. Colby is no stranger to national politics.

(Photo L to R) Congressman August Pfluger, Wife Camille Pfluger, Colby Johnson and Mayor Regan Johnson

“I accepted and decided to take Colby because he follows basic national issues and I knew it would be an incredible experience. Going to DC also gave me the opportunity to have some face to face time and conversations with Congressman Pfluger and his staff about the deed restrictions left on the land the military gave the city after the close of Fort Wolters. We are working on a full inventory of that land and will likely need our representatives help in finding a solution,” said Johnson.

Colby was tasked with a write up about his trip with his mom and below are his words from his trip to Washington DC.

Colby Johnson In Congressman Pfluger’s DC Office

The trip I took to Washington D.C. was fun and educational. My mom and I got to see the monuments, memorials, and the museum of natural history. There were so many monuments and memorials. We walked, a LOT. It was very educational and fun to be a part of Mr.Pfluger’sguests. I got the opportunity to attend one of the meetings hosted by Mr.Pfluger’s Raptor PAC at the Capitol Hill Club. One of my favorite speakers was Brandon Judd with the National Border Patrol Council. He talked about the many challenges Texas and the nation are facing. There was also a panel of speakers that talked about Energy Security. We got to tour the Capitol with one of Mr. Pfluger’s staff. It was amazing to see the history in personand experience first hand what we see on the news or read about.


All of the former things took place before the baseball game. On the day of the game, my mom and I got ready and went to the pre-game party. As soon as the pre-game party was over we headed to the game. At the entrance of the game, I saw my first group of protesters. It was a little bit scary once they broke through the barrier but my mom and I made it into the stadium before they got to us. The game was a lot of fun to watch. The rain was a very welcome sight to all the Texans that were there. After the rain was over and the game resumed the Republican team played and won a great game. My favorite part about the game was seeing how supportive everyone was towards Mr.Pfluger. It was also very cool to watch these politicians I see on the news who are affecting my life and many others right in front of me just playing a fun game of baseball. No matter whether or not people were thinking of politics while at the game, everyone was able to have a unique and fun time.


Overall my time in Washington was packed full of activities that were both fun and educational. I can notthink of a better way that I could have spent my time in Washington. I am so thankful that Mr.Pfluger invited my mom and me to participate. I am sad to see him go as our Congressman, but am so thankful for the time we had with him and know he will continue to help represent us. I also would not have been able to go if my mom had not taken me so I am very thankful to her as well. Thank you so much to the giving me the opportunity to share my experience.

Colby W. Johnson

RAPTOR PAC Session with Congressman Pfluger

Editors Note: Colby nor Mayor Johnson’s trip was on the dime of taxpayer’s. Johnson paid for herself and her son to travel with her to Washington DC.

Amy Bearden

Amy Bearden is the Publisher/Editor of Mineral Wells Area News and loves celebrating her favorite town by telling the stories of the people in the community. Amy has a passion for local sports, news and business development. She spent 10 years marketing a professional sports team and is now focused on growing the cultural wellness and creative arts space throughout the area. Amy has four kids, two dogs and a garden she cherishes, along with her yoga mat.