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Friday Farmer Feature

Friday Farmer Feature
October 14
14:27 2022

Story and Images By Stina Stow

Meet Tai & Matt.

The number one thing they want to fully get across to anyone they meet is that you can grow ANYwhere. It may look different depending on the type of land you have, and struggles may arise, but they’re living proof that if you can build soil on top of ROCK, anyone can work it out if they are willing to learn. 

With a home on top of Welcome Mountain, erosion control has been put in place using the Hügelkultur method, as well as rock burms around fruit trees all along the existing tree line. They are working with the wildlife and keep the deer in mind with the things they plant in their area. You can already see the improvement and new life that is able to grow and cover the earth in this previously washed out area. 

The foundation of any good garden is healthy soil. Tai and Matt have put so much focus into working with what they have without having to bring in too many outside materials to keep their operation going. Soil is being built at Rocky Hill Farms in the exact way nature intended, by breaking down material in the same way a forest floor would do it. They collect and haul rainwater to everything they grow and haven’t had to use a municipal water source since beginning this practice.

They don’t go against nature in anything they do. The soil is fueled by their massive compost pile that includes brush and wood chips from their trees, donated food from local restaurants, eggshells from their chickens and recycled cardboard. They observe, plan and mark out each stage of development—and then often wait. 

Tai mentions that its a slow going process because of this but also because they wanted a community to do it with as well. When early talks of Let’s Grow Crazy started coming up, her hopes were answered. Not only did she get to continue building their farms foundation, she would get to be a part of building one for the community with these same principles, and most importantly, motivate, teach and encourage others to get back to nature and build their own foundations in their gardens as well. 

A perspective Matt learned from Native American teachings really stuck out. Each piece of infrastructure they do runs throughout the filter of “In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation.” The things they are putting in place have their family in 100+ years in mind and must prove its sustainability to be considered on the property. 

Tai and Matt decided in the beginning of their relationship that growing things was how they were going to spend their time together. They talked about how doing this has strengthened their communication. They’ve worked through issues together while picking a harvest, shared joy and success and failure together while learning and teaching one another—working with the other’s strengths and fortifying each other’s weaknesses. 

These two share a forever student mindset, always looking to learn and grow in the garden as well as alongside each other. 

Don’t Miss this Event with Matt and Tai

With all the intention they’ve put into their foundation, I don’t see it being anything but strong & abundant for the rest of their lives together, and for the seven generations in front of them. 

You have the chance to learn a little bit of what they know about soil and composting in just a couple weeks. Check out the comments for a link to the educational event they are hosting with us November 12th & 16th. Be sure to RSVP!

They are a huge inspiration to grow something, wherever you are.

Blessings to you, and thanks for reading.


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