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Op-Ed: Sinister Warning Says a Lot About Last Week’s Author

Op-Ed: Sinister Warning Says a Lot About Last Week’s Author
October 23
09:46 2023

Steve Gray with Palo Pinto County Conservatives has offered the following editorial letter in response to HD60 Representative Glenn Rogers Op-Ed Piece Mineral Wells Area News published on October 13th.

Op-Ed By Steve Gray, Founding Member of Palo Pinto County Conservatives

In case you missed “Representative” Glenn Rogers’ October 13 Op-Ed, he warned you about these apparently scary things: 1) Our October guest speaker says mean things; 2) Our guest speaker’s website says mean things; 3) Our guest speaker is in cahoots with successful Texas business people who bring jobs and prosperity to Texans; 4) Texas’ public-funded school system should never be criticized; and last-but-not least 5) local Palo Pinto County people having public meetings to discuss Limited Government, Personal Liberty, Low Taxation, Original Intent, and Protection of God-Given Rights are only “air-quote” conservatives who YOU should not hear. Hmmmmm…..

Mr. Rogers’ points 1 and 2 are classic Democrat tactics – demonize your opposition, don’t present thoughtful arguments and sourced information to support a policy decision.  Wave a big red flag and hope the rabble are enraged by it.  We have more respect than he does for the citizens of Palo Pinto County.  If you would like to see accurately reported information regarding Texas legislation, try out Texas Scorecard.

Mr. Rogers’ points 3 and 4 are a fascinating contrast.  Like Bernie Sanders, Mr. Rogers implies that job-generating Texas oil industry “bill-yuh-nay-yahs” are somehow bad for Texas.  In his next sentence he raises the banner of government-controlled public school and pledges allegiance to it.  He didn’t really affirm, like we do, that the education of our children is critical to the future of our nation. We simply believe that school choice, with its many alternatives, is a powerfulfree-market tool to significantly improve education of Texas children.  We say “Let the Debate Begin!”

Point 5 is the most important.  Our October meeting (which Mr. Rogers did not want you to attend) focused on the proposed Texas Constitutional amendments, Mineral Wells’ successful recall of a City Councilman, and the inability of the Texas House to pass conservative legislation. An example was Mr. Rogers’ Phelan-funded flyer that we all received, which proudly touted 10 conservative victories in the Texas Legislature.  Curiously, it failed to mention the 48 other priority conservative bills that were killed in the House without a vote by the disgraced Speaker Dade Phelan “in cahoots” with his key lieutenants like Mr. Rogers (whose #1 contributor in 2022 was….. Dade Phelan at $305,000!).

So who is “Representative” Rogers representing? Not Texas conservatives – he sided 48 – 10 against conservative legislation. Football players who throw their own game 48-10 don’t go home and celebrate the 10!

But in closing, I must say “Thank You” to Mr. Rogers for helping promote our October meeting! We had a record attendance of friendly, thoughtful, and welcoming citizens. We would be delighted to have Mr. Rogers present his policy priorities at his earliest convenience.

Steve Gray

Palo Pinto County Conservatives Leadership Team Member


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